Lisa Frank Makeup Collaboration ❤

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Lisa Frank Makeup Collaboration ❤
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5,935 backers pledged $370,063.01 on Kickstarter

Glamour Dolls has partnered with the legendary LISA FRANK to bring her art to the makeup community. Glamour Dolls is an indie brand that's been curated by makeup artist Jessica Romano on a mission to put out high-quality cosmetics at a price that every doll in the world can afford! Lisa Frank is known for her bright rainbows and adorable characters: unicorns, dolphins, leopards, and more! This line is geared toward the 80's and 90's kid that grew up loving Lisa- but also revved up to introduce her to a whole new generation of fans in the form of premium quality, affordable, cruelty-free, vegan makeup.

Raised in Kickstarter
$370,063.01 / 5,935 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$99,440.00 / 6,855 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017
Single 20eyeshadow legacy square thumb
Single Eyeshadow
Palette not your thang? No worries we got you with our single eyeshadow! This formula is buttery... more »
Ks image20170329 3 yp8e1a legacy square thumb
Unicorn Angled Blush Brush
The slanted shape of this handcrafted angled brush will pronounce your cheeks in one easy stroke.... more »
Ks image20170329 3 yp8e1a legacy square thumb
JUNE DELIVERY- Unicorn Angled Blush Brush
WANT THIS BRUSH EARLY? SELECT THIS ADD ON TO SHIP IN JUNE! The slanted shape of this handcraf... more »
Mini 20travel 20bronzer 20final legacy square thumb
Travel Bronzer
What makeup line would be complete without bronzer? This travel-sized bronzer is a universal sha... more »
Naturally 20glam 20trapper 20keeper legacy square thumb
Naturally Glam Eyeshadow Palette
For the dolls that love rainbow cheetahs, but shine bright with a more nude, naked, and natural g... more »
Bold 20 26 20bright 20trapper 20keeper legacy square thumb
Bright and Bold Eyeshadow Palette
For the dolls that love fun eye catching shades and aren't afraid to make a statement in signatur... more »
Mystery 20trapper 20keeper 20palette legacy square thumb
#Wengiecorns Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow Palette
For the dolls that never give up perfecting that wing liner and will use Wengie as their inspo to... more »
Mystery 20trapper 20keeper 20palette legacy square thumb
AUGUST DELIVERY- #Wengiecorns Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow Palette
Ks image20170329 3 15i16dh legacy square thumb
Markie's 3 Piece Nail Polish Set
If you collect nail polish this is going to be one you display forever! This bottle has no ordina... more »
Cosmetic 20bag legacy square thumb
Majestic Makeup Bag
How are you going to show off all your new LF flair? Obviously in a pink and glittery bag to matc... more »
Unicorn legacy square thumb
Unicorn Lippie
We believe in unicorns do you? Where does the color come from? The myths and legends say its bell... more »
Shimmer 20powder legacy square thumb
Yes, we said it highlighter. Your Lisa Frank makeup wouldn't be complete without a sparkly, twink... more »
Eyeliner legacy square thumb
Liquid Eyeliner
We chose an eyeliner with a wider handle for a stronger grip. This liner is bold and black but th... more »
Lip 20mousse legacy square thumb
Matte Mousse
Matte Mousse! Matte lips for everyone! A comfortable formula that never looks or feels dry but ke... more »
Lip 20balm 20tin legacy square thumb
Lip Balm Tin
Take care of your lips with a signature Lisa Frank Lip Balm. It is perfect for on the go comfort... more »

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After all the great feedback about new product ideas we have launched these beauties! We know everyone was super excited about the Unicorn Angled Blush Brush so we decided to include it in our tiers as well! The Unicorn Crease Brush is also now available (we didn't want to disappoint anyone who didn't get this for free for being early backers!) In addition to being part of the tier groups, all of these items will be available for Add-Ons with Backer Kit once the campaign ends! So if you are at a lower tier level and just want some of these items, you can add them on then :)

#Wengiecorns Trapper Keeper Palette:

***designs not finalized***
***designs not finalized***

Unicorn Crease Brush:

***Finalized Design***
***Finalized Design***


Unicorn Angled Blush Brush:

***Finalized Design***
***Finalized Design***


Mini Travel Bronzer:

***designs not finalized***
***designs not finalized***

Single Eyeshadow:

***designs not finalized***
***designs not finalized***

Stretch Reward #3 (CHALLENGE COMPLETED!) Thank you to everyone who participated in our #LisaFrankxGlamourDolls Fan Art Contest!  Our Trapper Keeper Eyeshadow Palettes are HERE <3 

***designs not finalized***
***designs not finalized***


***designs not finalized***
***designs not finalized***


Stretch Reward #2 (BACKER MILESTONE!) is coming your way! If you are backer 1 through 3650, you will be receiving a Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Unicorn Crease Brush, regardless of your pledge amount! We have been listening to everyone’s excitement about our angled blush brush and ideas of a full brush set, so this is our way of saying thanks to all of our early backers ☺ We hope you enjoy it! 

 PS: Check out our FAQ tab to learn how you can view your backer number, or find it through your backer confirmation email.

Stretch Reward #1 (CHALLENGE COMPLETED!) Thank you for everyone who participated in our #LisaFrankxGlamourDolls Social Media Challenges! Say hello to Markie’s Magical 3-Piece Polish Set:

(Designs not finalized) 

This bottle has no ordinary top; it's been replaced by a special horn you may recognize... Markie! This 3-Piece Polish Set will be available at the $60 pledge level. To learn how to increase your pledge, visit the FAQ tab on our campaign page. And don’t worry, increasing your existing pledge will not change your backer number. While Lisa and the Dolls are putting finishing touches on the packaging and formulas, they are going to need YOUR help picking out the scent! That’s right, these polishes will be scented! Stay tuned for an email containing a Google Survey to bring these nail polishes to life!

Thank you Kickstarter!

This is what dreams are made of. This beauty is a Lisa Frank blush brush we developed for a customer. With its pink bristles, rose gold ferrule, and Lisa's breathtaking unicorns, this brush is beautiful. We'd love to make more products like this but can't do it without YOU!


This Kickstarter party is for you, the fans. For the makeup addicts that have always wanted to name a product. For the Lisa Frank fanatics who have been dreaming of working closely with their inspiration. Kickstarter is a place where creators and fans can work together and interact with the development process- we love that. By joining this campaign you will get to:

1. Vote on product names

2. Pick shades

3. Unlock new products

4. Get a behind the scenes look into how cosmetics are made

5. Learn how make-up artist Jess develops the products

6. Be the first to see Lisa’s new designs

Makeup is art. Lisa's designs are masterpieces. It made sense to bring these two worlds together. The only thing that's left is you. We want to bring you along for this glittery ride and keep your pout perfect for the whole trip! Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank totally rad!

Lisa Love

This is Lisa's actual business card. We've held onto it because it inspires us, and this mantra has become the foundation of our project.
This is Lisa's actual business card. We've held onto it because it inspires us, and this mantra has become the foundation of our project.


Our Message to the Community

Dear Kickstarters,

Hi. We would like to try something different with this campaign.

Jessica and I have been working together for the past few years to create something “better.” A better company, with better products, better sourcing, better pricing and above all, better ethics. It has not been easy and we both might be certifiable at this point. But we are also both really, really terrible at giving up, especially on each other and our dreams.

And so, through a series of events that sound totally absurd and contrived, here we are, with you, about to launch an indie makeup campaign with design icon Lisa Frank (yes, she is real and as amazing as you’re imagining).   

Still with us? Good.   

Let’s take the elephant out of the room. It’s LISA FRANK in the form of cruelty-free, vegan makeup that is high-quality, limited edition, affordable, and manufactured in the same factories as many expensive brands. We've got it easy. Lisa’s art always sells.  

So why are we here?

We’re here because we think the platform is brilliant, we love the spirit of Kickstarter, and what this community stands for.  

We’re here because we want to do something special and interactive for Lisa with people who will appreciate the experience.  

We’re here because we’re trying to change an industry and, rumor has it, you have a penchant for kickstarting that sort of thing.  

And what do we want?  

Let that excited little girl or boy out again! Have fun! Interact! Play!  

Share this campaign with someone and make them smile. Tune into one of our live-stream reveals of vintage Lisa Frank swag. Daydream! Follow the development process. Participate in some of our social media games.  

Use this campaign to  

-reminisce about your youth  

-reach out to a childhood friend who loved Lisa Frank  

-send the video to your family and talk about buying Trapper Keepers  

-get to know one of your heroes  

We hope you’ll follow us and Lisa for the next 45 days as we give you an inside look into how we are developing this collection. The more support we get the more products we’ll launch!  

Thank you for being part of this story and adventure,  

Peter, Jess, and the Glam Fam




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